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Large Sculptures
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Rainbow Lollipop_$2450-2.jpg

(2 foot approx) Rainbow Lollipop - SOLD

Pink with Copper Glitter.jpg

(3 foot approx) Pink & Copper Glitter Lollipop - SOLD


(2 foot approx) Ice Princess

Red Glitter / Magenta Pearl Popsicle_2850.jpg

(2 foot approx) Red & Magenta Glitter Popscile - Available through Retrospect Galleries

Silver Glitter Bomb.jpg

(2 foot approx) Silver Glitter Bomb Popsicle - Available through Retrospect Galleries

Rainbow Striped Lollipop_1250.jpg

(34 oz) Rainbow Stripe Lollipop

Pale Yellow Striped Lollipop_!250.jpg

(34 oz) Pale Yellow Stripe Lollipop


(34 oz) Pearl Stripes Lollipop

Neon Green & Gold Lollipop_$1,500.jpg

(34 oz) Neon Green Gold Dust Lollipop


(19 inch) Solid Stripes Popsicle

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